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bear & lion alerts - november 2013



November 21, 2013

Bears are making their way to dens for the winter. Conflicts have declined but the occasional black bear is still being reported. Please continue to contain attractants. The remaining bears that are out are looking for the last few food resources available and attracting them to items such as chickens, garbage and birdseed could be detrimental. Hunters are still reporting grizzly bear activity in the Blackfoot and Clearwater valleys. If you are out hunting or recreating in bear country please continue to carry bear spray. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

November 21, 2013

Mountain lions are making their way into valleys and lower elevation lands as they following the deer and elk herds into their winter range. Please do not feed deer, elk or turkeys. It can result in unnatural congregations of these animals and may lure in species that prey on these animals. It is also against the law in Montana. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

November 8, 2013

Ovando: MT FWP is looking for information on the shooting death of a female grizzly bear northeast of Ovando. She left behind three cubs. MT FWP was able to capture two of them and will be transferring them to the Bronx Zoo. They attempted to capture the third but were unsuccessful. Click here for more information.

Grizzlies are starting to head to their dens but some are still out and about. Hunters are continuing to see grizzly tracks in the snow in the Clearwater and Blackfoot areas. Please carry bear spray when out hunting. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

November 8, 2013

Rattlesnake: A female with two cubs was once again seen getting into garbage that was left out in the middle Rattlesnake area. FWP is continuing to monitor this situation.

Bonner: A black bear has been seen in the area. Please contain garbage and birdfeeders. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

November 8, 2013

South Hills: Mountain lion sighting reports came in earlier in the week from the South Hills area.

Miller Creek: A sheep was killed by a mountain lion. Wildlife Services trapped and killed a sub-adult mountain lion at the site.

Mount Sentinel: A mountain lion was seen on Mount Sentinel earlier in the week. ______________________________________________________________________________________________



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Black bear picture on previous page: Courtesy of K. Quinn Ellis